Dynapulse Medical


veinoplus sport
The DynaPulse products leverage the proprietary electro-
stimulation technology invented by Dr. Jozef Cywinski. a world-
renowned developer of neuromuscular stimulation therapeutic

Improved Oxygen

  • In aerobic cell respiration (increased stamina in athletic performance)
    In anaerobic cell respiration (more rapid regeneration as a result of expulsion of lactates and faster incorporation of glycogens into muscle cells)
  • General increase in metabolism owing to increase in combustion processes within the cells (mitochondria)

Improved Circulation

  • Circulatory Problems: in vascular disease caused by diabetes and sclerosis (arteriosclerosis), in varicose veins with ulcers
  • Accelerated absorption of bruises (hematomas)
  • Expulsion of lymph in lymphedema