Chronic (50 years) Venous Ulcer Healing by VEINOPLUS® Electrostimulation

Chronic (50 years) Venous Ulcer Healing by VEINOPLUS® Electrostimulation

Zuccarelli F., Lemagrex J., Pujo M.
1. Chef de département de phlébo angiologie de l’hôpital Saint-Michel, 75015 Paris
2. Assistant en angiologie, hôpital Saint-Michel, 75015 Paris
3. Kinésithérapeute

History of disease

Mr V born in 1935, has a post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) with chronic leg ulcers, since 1953 without stable healing.

  • January 1953: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of the right lower leg
  • Août 1953 : First right ankle ulcer.
  • 1957-2002: Alternate healing and recurrence of ulcers
  • 2002: Admission to Saint-Michel hospital, left ulcer healing but persistence of the right ulcer

Material and Methods

For patient V, in the absence of chronic right ulcer healing and after using the entire armamentarium of local care and compression therapy, it seemed interesting to use Veinoplus® to potentiate the effect of compression.

Electrostimulation, due to an electrical impulse causes a muscle contraction and the muscle temporarily drain the blood that had been accumulated there before its implementation.

Mr V used Veinoplus ® at a rate of one session per day (20min) at home.


3 months after initiation of treatment (Veinoplus ® + compression) ulcer surface was reduced by half and seven months later, healing was complete.


The use of electrostimulation Veinoplus ® for the treatment of venous stasis in patients with chronic venous trophic disorders, potentiates the effect of conventional treatment of this stasis (compression, ambulation) and thus leads to faster healing .

This has to be verified by a study on a larger scale.